When we think of women empowerment, all that comes to our mind are pictures of women protesting and shouting slogans. But there is more to women empowerment than just protests and rallies. Most people just ignore these protests and think its a waste of time and energy. But have you ever thought why these women protest? Have you ever stopped and even heard what the protest is about before shaping an opinion about it? Think ! The women must be protesting only because they are not getting what they deserved after requesting silently. If their demands are still not met, they have all the right to raise their voice. It should be the self-realized duty of every individual to treat a woman with respect and dignity. If they still don’t get the respect they deserve, its very sad considering that in our country women are also believed to be goddesses.

But everywhere the situation is not like that. Many offices and organisations are being started by women or have them on important posts. Now the only job for women isn’t only teaching at schools. Women can now also be found in challenging jobs like police, defense, aviation, businesses etc. Although it took a lot of struggle, women have earned their respect in the society and are forging ahead towards making the world a better place to live in for everybody and there is nothing we can or should do to stop them. After all, it’s only a woman who can mange the house, look after her kids and husband AND still have a respectable job.

Although, it is not only the working women who deserve respect. Taking care of the house and family is in itself a very challenging job. It’s like having a job and not getting paid for it. But still women work selflessly in making the house a good and peaceful place to live in physically and mentally. A man can still leave his job saying that he is retiring, but a woman never leaves or retires from her job as a hardworking housewife. Therefore, even if a woman doesn’t work, she still deserves the same respect as a working woman.

So, as an individual, it is our duty to respect each and every woman globally.


Hello everybody. I am Aahana Jain and I am a middle school student. I am 12 years old and a soon to be 8th grader. I have a loving family, 2 awesome best friends and a normal life. I study in Delhi Public School, Bopal in Ahmedabad. I love Harry Potter, Cole Sprouse is my favourite actor and I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift so respect to any Swifties reading this. I wear specs and I am somewhat of a nerd . I like the way I am and am proud to be me.


When one thinks of a perfect person, everybody has a different opinion. According to some people in this world (like those snobby kids at school who think they own the place), a perfect person is someone who likes the music that is the most popular, eats only the food that keeps one thin and has the perfect body. If you think that the things listed above are the key to being perfect, you are WRONG. A perfect person is one who is their own self and not one who does what everyone does just because they think its cool. If you do so, you are just like a robot. Being perfect is not about losing your individuality , it means being different and being you. If somebody calls you weird for talking or being like this just tell them that you might not be be perfect but you are for sure a limited edition or just tell them this


” Being different isn’t a bad thing.It means that you are brave enough to be yourself.”

– Luna Lovegood



This is a question most girls ask themselves in front of the mirror. don’t worry. there is no problem in being healthy. It matters what you are on the inside rather than how you look on the outside. Take Libby from Holding Up The Universe(an awesome book written by Jennifer Niven); she wore what she wanted to wear and even tried out for the dance team despite of her being obese. She didn’t care what people thought of her and that was what made her special.


I used to ask myself this question every time someone in my class would look at me and start talking. after sometime I realized that it was not true. Same goes for everyone who ask themselves this question. It is not necessary that somebody is talking about you; they might just generally be looking at you. It depends on how you take it. And even if they are talking about you, who cares?!. Your whole life cannot change just by a single person’s opinion. So chill and enjoy the pleasures of life


I used to be constantly bullied by a group of kids at my school. But the key of not making people bully you is to ignore them. Once you stop paying attention to their taunts, they will eventually get fed up and leave you alone. Don’t fuss over them and revert back to them . If you are getting troubled by them, you are giving them satisfaction and this satisfaction will make them tease you even more. So as I said earlier, the key to stop the bullying is to ignore. Start ignoring, and you will see the magic happen.