13 Things I Learnt About Life As I Turned 13

Officially becoming a teenager is one of the greatest things in a child’s life. It feels as though you are cool. But alongside this coolness, also comes a sense of responsibility and a maturity in one’s nature. So today, I would like to share the 13 things that I learnt about life as I turned 13:

1. Don’t let others define you               

☆ I have seen many people in my life that will put labels on you and try to change you for their own needs, but always listen to yourself and act wisely.

2. Be Positive

☆ Because it’s always better to look on the sunny side of everything.

3. It’s ok to take a break                       

☆ When you are feeling stressed by work or studies or anything for that matter, just take a short break and chill for sometime. This will help you get your focus back as well as put your mind at peace.

4. Always think with a calm mind       

☆ Whenever you are feeling agitated or irritated, just take a chill pill. It is very important to be calm if you want to grow in life.

5. Don’t take decisions in a haste         

☆ Decisions taken in haste and panic usually result in regretful situations. This is because when you are making them, you are not actually thinking but just trying to find a fast solution to your problem just to finish it, and not thinking about its consequences. Therefore, always remember to take decisions with a calm and composed mind.

6. Don’t try to always please others

☆ When you go out of your way just to make other people happy, you unknowingly get mentally exhausted and tired over a period of time. In the process, you also start losing your original self.

7. Everything has a limit

☆ Excess of anything is bad. Everything has a limit and capacity. Remember yours and stay within it.

8. Take out time for yourself

☆ Every day, try to take out at least half an hour for yourself when you can do whatever you like. This will provide you happiness and peace from the every day work and hustle.

9. Appreciate the little things in life

☆ Remember to always appreciate the small things in life, like catching your favorite show on time or eating a very good meal, that bring you happiness. It will help you realize how fortunate you are as well as teach you the importance of the little things in life.

10. Never give up

☆ Never ever give up. Whatever it is, you can make through it. And there are always people on the way to help you reach your goal, so don’t think that you are alone.

11. Live in the present

☆ Always remember to live in the present; don’t think too much about the future or about the past. The present is the only time when you have the power to actually do or change something. It is a gift.

12. Face your weaknesses

☆ Don’t run away from your weaknesses and failures, instead face them. The more you run away from them, the more they will keep on coming behind you and troubling you. So, face them and try to improve upon them.

And the most important of them all :


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